5 Reasons A Summer Cold Sucks
My daughter has had two colds in the last month and I have managed to avoid getting sick, until this last weekend.  It toyed with me too.  I felt kinda funky on Friday night, Saturday it was better and then BOOM, it hit me on Sunday and now it's a full on summer cold...
Why Are People Dying From The Flu?
With the current outbreak of influenza peaking - and the news reports of the deaths associated with the flu - a lot of people are wondering:  why are people dying from the flu?  After all, isn't the flu similar to the common cold?
The Room Of Forgotten Souls
My mind goes back to the time I visited a r&r friend who was institutionalized. I walked in the front door and what I saw made me freeze. It took me a few  seconds to regain my composure.  When I read this article, the same feelings came back.
Ozzy Cancels Concert
All  is not well in Ozzyville, illness forces Ozzy to cancel a show.  You know Sharon is kicking his butt to get better so they can make some $$. Let's hope the Prince of Darkness gets better.