‘Homeless Hotspots’ Ignite Heated Debate
The annual SXSW interactive conference in Austin is sometimes plagued with snail-slow internet speeds (when you can connect at all). But this year it’s been a little easier to find a wifi hotspot: just look for a homeless person. Yes, homeless people are now being used as wifi spots.
New Viking Stadium, How About New Viking Homeless Shelter?
Two lawmakers in Florida have looked over the books and found a loophole to help themselves and help homeless people. If it catches on, we may have a new public stadium, and a new homeless shelter.
The law makes sense, and the way they are reading it makes sense, but will the law pass...
Man Found Living on Top of Waffle House
An air conditioner repairman made a startling discovery while doing work at a Waffle House in Atlanta, Georgia.
According to reports, he found a man living on the roof of the Gordon Highway location. Authorities were quickly notified, and police and firemen were called in to bring him down.
Homeless Man Arrested After Moving Out Of Dumpster
If I lived in a dumpster, I'd move out too. At least to a fancier dumpster, say maybe something on the lower east side. Maybe get to hang with a better class of person ya know what I'm sayin?
Albuquerque authorities arrested a homeless man for failing to notify them that he moved out of the…