No Ketchup For Students To French Schools
Schools in France are dictating the diets of students in an effort curb obesity and other health-related issues - and to keep their children "more French".
France's government has essentially banned ketchup from primary and secondary school cafeterias...
10 Exercise Machines To Avoid: What To Do In Their Place.
With everyone wanting to find the perfect thing for them this fall to keep in shape or maybe lose a few pounds, this will help. Most people attempt machines they have no business being on. First I should say you should have a trained professional help you if you are going to get a good work out with…
90% Of Brown-Bagged School Lunches Potentially Unsafe
As a parent, you think you're doing the right thing -- packing a lunch for your child to bring to pre-school --- or any school for that matter.  Packing it yourself lets you control what they're eating -- right?
But what if that lunch you're packing could make them sick...
Happy Meals To Get Healthier
They're telling us what to eat and how much of it.
McDonalds announced that they are changing the venerable Happy Meal - adding a serving of fruit or vegatables...and shrinking the size of the fries.