Nightclub Fire Kills Hundreds in Brazil
The death toll in a horrific nightclub fire in Brazil as risen to 232, according to news sources. This number is updated from the original count of 245 first reported by local news sources.
A fire started at the Boate Kiss nightclub around 2 AM in the southern city of Santa Maria...
Get $2500 For Your Help With Local Arson Fires
Local authorities are asking for your help as the arson fires in the twin ports are being investigated. 10 other fires match the first one. There is proof it is one person and so the police department is asking for  help on this one.
Most Americans Never Check Their Smoke Alarms
Now that we are approaching Summer, there are things you do around your house in order to be safer. Have your fire extinguisher checked, but most people forget about the most important. Check your smoke alarm, your first defense against being burned while you sleep.
Man Catches On Fire In Porn Shop Watching Adult Film
All I can say is it must've been one hot film!
A man is fighting for his life with third degree burns over 90 per cent of his body after catching fire in a pornography shop.
Police say the man had been watching adult videos in one of the Golden Gate Adult Superstore private booths in San Francisco whe…