Easy Holiday Tree Decorations In Minutes [VIDEO]
My daughter saw these cute little holiday tree ornaments on Facebook and asked if we could do crafts this past weekend.  I expected to dedicate my entire Sunday to crafting but these little cuties only took a couple hours to make and were super easy.  If you are in looking for craft ideas …
Summer Hack Keeping Butter Yummy [VIDEO]
Butter is not made for the heat of summer, It starts to get that off yellow color, and that funky taste. Keeping you  butter fresh and still usable coming out of the fridge with this life hack.
Heel Replacement For Men’s Shoes
Why am I not doing this at home?  All I need is a grinder like this guy has and I'm in business.  I mean, come on -  Every house has one - right?
In all seriousness - I'm thinking about this as a DIY project.  This guy is my new hero...
5 DIY Gifts for Mother’s Day [VIDEOS]
Whether you're tight on cash or simply want to shower mom with gifts from the heart, opting for the DIY route is a great alternative to storebought treats. And even though she'll love anything you get her, she'll definitely notice -- and appreciate -- the extra bit of elbow grease you put into Mothe…