Could You Lose Your Job To A Computer
Since the advent of smart computers, people have always said they will take over. Look at the grocery store and some department stores with the self check out. Auto assembly lines too. There are some jobs safe from computer take over.
PC Sales Decline For The First Time Ever
Industry researchers say the sales of PCs this year will decline for the first time ever. According to IHS and other industry forecasting companies, sales will decline by 1.2 percent. Not much you say, but that translates to millions of dollars.
Your Computer May Crash Monday If You Don’t Read This
The FBI recently made a bust of a company that was using malware to make your computer visit certain web sites. After further investigating they found that close to 300,000 computers may crash on Monday because of this viral malware. Here's how you can fix it.
Don’t Buy It – Print It; Save Money With Your Computer
Okay, so the "paperless office" that everyone touted in the 1980's never came to be;  In fact, American workplaces use more paper today than before the advent of the personal computer.  So it should come as no surprise that there are ways you can save money by printi…

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