Blood of Pope John Paul II To Go On Display
Everybody loved Pope John Paul II. One more miracle and he will be eligible for Sainthood. The Catholic Church moves very slowly on these matters however, if it happens at all, it could take years.
Pope John Paul II was nearly 85 when he died
Blood taken from Pope John Paul II before he died is to go …
Totally Inappropriate Church Signs
Signs signs, everywhere a sign. De-signed to make you giggle. enjoy!
If you like these accidental gaffes and would like to see a few examples of pastors trying to be funny
My New Confession App
Saturday was "Confession" day for the little Rayman. I would write down all my sins on paper, then cross out the really big ones (like car theft). All I had on my paper was small insignificant things (throwing rocks at my neighbors cat, breaking windows..small stuff).