10 Questions With Boxer Al “The Haitian Temptation” Sands [VIDEO]
Getting to know Al Sands has been a pleasure. I sat down with him and asked him 10 questions that shows his intelligence, his passion for the sport, and gave him a few curveball questions to answer. Enjoy this interview and get ready for the big fight at Black Bear Casino for “Battle at the Be…
Ron’s Fighting Friday Songs
This afternoon I will be giving away tickets to Black Bear Casino's Toe to Toe Boxing happening May 17. To win, you'll need to know my Friday Fight Songs. I will play a song related to fighting starting in the 2 pm hour today.
Gamers Owned by Arcade Boxing Machine [VIDEO]
Unless you have formal training in punching things, an arcade boxing machine is not something you should try out in front of other people, as the chance of embarrassment is quite high.
That goes double for taking a video of your first attempt at the game, as the two young men in this video so unfortu…