Looks easy in the movies. Rocky Balboa goes to a gym and finds a coach and starts training. Not so easy in the Twin Ports. Where do kids go to box, and get equipment?

This Saturday boxing comes to Barnum High School and showcases some new amateur boxers with all the money going back into the boxing program. The cost is $10 for adults, $8 for students if you buy ahead, $15 dollars at the door.

The fight is being called "Lights Out" for the next generation.

Kids are getting interested in boxing, and like I said before, all that equipment costs money, not to mention the coaching. This is a program that teaches the fundamentals and shows kids in the area how to do it right as a sport.

Doors open at 5, boxing begins at 6pm March 23rd at Barnum High School..Allainie Leigh Hanek-Siltanen will box her first fight and is one of those kids who is looking to learn more and eventually box more