Remember When You Had To Share A Bathroom Cup? Ewwwww
Years ago it was not uncommon to see a toothbrush holder in the bathroom with the family's toothbrush standing at attention around one cup that everyone would use when they wanted a drink of water or to rinse their mouth when brushing their teeth.  Plain and simple, that. is. gross.  …
New Invention Makes It Easty To Hit Your Mark At Night
Do certain people have a tough time missing the toilet? Do you get up in the middle of the night and fall in because someone leaves the seat up? This is something you should buy for your household, the IllumiBowl. A night light for your toilet. Inside is a video of how it works and a guy that review…
New Toilet Invention Makes Bathroom Break a Luxury [VIDEO]
The next time you take a trip to the john, think about how nice it'd be to own Numi, a brand-new toilet with every possible amenity you'd ever need.
Plumbing company Kohler invented the sophisticated, high-tech toilet and it's definitely a porcelain throne fit for royalty.