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Trix Isn’t Just For Kids, Animal Allies Pet Of The Week
First of all, I have to say Thank You, all of last year and into this year so far, we have been able to get every animal we talk about to have a home. Let's continue!! This week we are talking about Trix. A cat that is just looking for that simple thing, a home.
Animal Allies Pet Of The Week Switch, Take Home Dust Bunny
Dust Bunnies in the house are never a good thing unless it's this cute little thing. We showcased Rune this morning and by the time I got to blogging about her, she was snatched up. So, now it's Dust Bunny. Cute little cat looking for a home. There is a cat special too, so it might be time…
Brutus Is An Active Boy, Animal Allies Pet Of The Week
This week we have a single animal after having buddies for about 3 weeks. This guy loves to play and interact, which is great if you have a family or if you just want some active companionship. Brutus is an alert dog and active, looking for someone to love.

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