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Hunter Is A Cutie Looking For A Home
Every Wednesday I get to meet new animals. I love animals and have found more and more they have personalities just like humans. Don't believe me, watch you tube. This week we are talking about Hunter.
Young Brutus Needs A Forever Home, Pet Of The Week
It's so much harder to place pets in the winter months. People tend not to take on a new pet especially a dog because it's hard to take them for a walk in the winter. Some dogs have sensitive paws and don't like to be out in the cold much, so the bonding time is longer.
Adopt Chelsey To Keep The Good Momentum Going
Thanks to you we had another perfect year, we were able to get each pet we talked about into a forever home and that makes us proud. We have been able to do that for a few years in a row. Let's make 2018 another good year by getting Chelsey into a home

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