angry birds

Does Duluth Have A Geese Overpopulation Situation?
Recently while we were on air I was mentioning the abundance of rabbits we had at our house (insert multiplying like rabbits here). Other than the fancy driving I have to do to avoid hitting them since they never seem to know which direction they want to go, I’m kinda glad they are around because th…
‘Angry Birds’ Movie Coming in 2016
The 'Angry Birds' movie is coming whether you like it or not. Rovio, the company behind the popular mobile game, has teamed with the producers of 'Despicable Me' to plan an upcoming animated movie. And, surprise, it will be in 3D.
New Angry Birds Game Launches, Meet Bad Piggies
Just about everyone I know with a smart phone, pad or what have you...has Angry Birds. There are shirts, hats, back packs.....just about anything is being sold. One of the most popular games on the market. Thursday (tomorrow) the new version comes out.
Freddie Mercury to Become an Angry Bird
Late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury is being honored in the most amazing of ways, and not just by having Sacha Baron Cohen portray him in an biopic. The vocalist is now an honorary member of the Angry Birds family.
Phillip Gregory Entertainment For 2-6-2012
Hi I’m Phillip Gregory with your Entertainment Update:
Rapper M.I.A., who appears on the Madonna’s new single "Give Me All Your Luvin'" shocked viewers when she gave the finger to the crowd during her segment. I’m not sure what&Cl…