If you're searching for a new job, St. Louis County just might be able to help you out!  At a recent meeting, the county board approved hiring 30 new employees for the Public Health and Human Services Department and the Sheriff's Office.  The new positions are expected to alleviate backlog and overtime.

Included in the process will be 20 employees in the Children and Family Services Division.  Of the 20, six will be new social workers in the Initial Intervention Unit - responsible for assessing and investigating reports of maltreatment.  There will also be 10 on-going Child Protection Staff and four supervisors.  Funds for the positions will come from the levy beginning in 2017.  Officials with this division say that the positions are greatly needed as the department has seen a dramatic increase in reports of maltreatment.  In the first six months of 2016 there were 1,115 reports of maltreatment - which is a 15-percent increase over 2015 and a 45-percent increase since 2014.

Meanwhile, the Sheriff's Office will see five full-time-equivalent Corrections Officer positions at the jail - which will help with staffing.  In the most-recent past, this department has seen an increase in overtime to manage staffing shortfalls.  The new positions will reduce overtime which will result in a net decrease in the budget.