The William A. Irvin Haunted Ship has become a Halloween tradition for many people in the Twin Ports and in many ways is a distinctly-Duluth experience - playing into our Lake Superior/canal benefits.  Each year, the staff that works to create and operate the attraction out due themselves, creating a haunt that everyone looks forward to.

So what's new for 2016 and what awaits you if you go?

Jeanne from our staff was recently given a behind-the-scenes look at the prep and props that make up this years Haunted Ship.  The theme for 2016 is "What The Government Won't Tell You".  The video captures interviews and commentary from the designers and some peaks at the actual tour.  Be advised:  If you don't want to wreck your surprise, the video does contain some spoiler material; but don't worry - it doesn't give it all away.