I hosted a concert with the Diamonds several years ago, and when the show was over, my wife and I were invited to have dinner and drinks with the group.  We talked of many things mostly music and radio oriented. I remarked to the group how unusual "Little Darlin" was, in that it had no percussion. Here's the story as it was related to me that night.

After a very long evening in the recording studio, the boys were working on the lastl song. For some reason, they couldn't get it down the way Sommerville wanted it. Try as they may, it seemed each attempt was worse than the one before. Frustrated, hot and very tired, they were also up against the clock, as the studio time was fast running out. Thinking they'd never get the song done in time, the drummer left for home and some much needed sleep. With twenty minutes left, Sommerville encouraged the boys to try it one more time, without a drummer. It clicked, the song was exactly as Sommerville wanted it." Little Darlin" got as high as the  number two song in America, and stayed there for eight weeks straight.