The other day I was reading somewhere Bob Dylan is coming out with a new book, Chronicles Volume Two.  I hadn't read Chronicles One yet, so I checked around a few places and found the price (new or used) to be around forty bucks. Hesitant to spend that much for a book not knowing if I'll like it r not, I checked with my local library and found although they didn't have it, they would order it from another library for me. I had my book in two days. I use this system a lot, all it cost me was a library card, and it saved me forty bucks.

If you don't have a library card, all you need to do is stop by your library ( most are open some evenings and Saturdays) and bring proof of local residency ( anything that shows your address, electric bill for example), and your all set.

Besides saving you money, here are some additional benefits of using your library.

1. Free use of computers and the internet.

2. Free access to a large selection of magazines and newspapers.

3. Books, CD's DVD's,and  audio books are all available for checkout.

4. Order books, CD's DVD's, and audio books from any computer, and have them delivered to your local library free of charge.

5. Download e-books for your Kindle, I-Pad, Nook etc. at no charge.

6. Free entertainment such as story time, musical presentation's, art exhibits, and lectures.

Your local library may offer additional services and benefits as well. With the Winter season fast approaching, now is a great time to use the many features of your library. All it takes is a library card. Happy reading!