A couple weeks ago, I was talking to Fito de la Parra of Canned Heat, and one of the things we discussed the number of musicians who died at age 27 (Alan Wilson of Canned Heat being one of them.) While neither Fito nor myself are believers in the occult, I must admit it is a strange coincidence isn't it?  I've put together a list of rockers you hear on Kool 101.7 who died at 27, and their cause of death.

Jimi Hendrix-asphyxiation

Brian Jones (Rolling Stones) drowning

Pigpen (Grateful Dead) internal hemorrhaging

Jim Morrison (Doors) heart failure ** no autopsy performed

Janis Joplin- drug overdose

Pete Ham (Badfinger) suicide

Alan Wilson (Canned Heat) drug overdose

Gary Thain (Uriah Heep) drug overdose