As you probably know, I'm an avid book reader, and from time to time I like to recommend books I've read for that rock and roll guy or gal in your family. Tis the season, so you might very well want to add some of these to your holiday gift buying list, or enjoy it  yourself with a steaming cup of tea or cocoa. I've included the description of each book for your convenience. I highly recommend each book.Enjoy!!

.Kicking & Dreaming The Story of Heart Ann & Nancy Wilson

Who doesn't love Heart? Ann and Nancy Wilson are not your normal sisters, and you'll find that out In Kicking and Dreaming, a genuinely sincere account of their lives both before and during the popularity of Heart. What;s really cool is the  book is written from a female perspective, rather than the traditional male view, and throughout the  book the Wilson sisters feelings and emotions come through to the point that it's as if Ann and Nancy are talking to you over coffee at your kitchen table. Great band, great book.

The Road Through Motown by Ralph Terrana

I was turned on to this book by former manager and producer of the Rolling Stones, Andrew Loog Oldham who suggested I read it. Heck, I had never heard the name Raph Terrana, but i bought it on my faith in Andrew.

The Road Through motown is a very detailed look into Ralph's life, starting from his days with the Glo-Worms, to the Sunliners (who later became Rare Earth), the owner of the hottest recording studio in Detroit, to taking charge of Hitsville USA later known as Motown. Ralph molded and produced the Motown sound which laid the foundation of the soundtrack that enriched millions of lives.

Backstage Passes and Backstabbing Bastards by Al Kooper

Al Kooper pulls no punches in hsi book, but does so with humor. From his would-be teenage rocker days, to crashing Bob Dylan's recording session and playing the organ on Highway 61,( really unique way he did it)  to the forming Blood, Sweat, and Tears, it's all here...The book is not only funny but rings of honesty by a man who has made rock history.

Heaven and Hell: My Life In The Eagles (1974-2001) by Don Felder

When it comes to popularity in the world of rock n roll, we'd be hard pressed to find many who wouldn't place The Eagles near the top. Being an Eagle isn't all roses as find out through our  journey with Don Felder who takes us behind the scenes of what really went on with the group. He shares every part of the band’s wild ride, exposing the bad with good in this "fly on the wall" story of his life as an Eagle, one of the greatest bands in rock and roll history.