Those of you who are customers of Holiday Station Stores, probably have the red Holiday card that entitles you to discounts on gas and store items. For me, with the amount of driving I do, it comes in handy.

Last week I needed gas, so I stopped at the Holiday on East Second Street in Superior. Normally when you pop in your red card at the pump, the gas price reflects the discount. This time it didn't, but I filled the tank anyway. When I got my receipt, I noticed it didn't give me the price discount. I should have ran in and inquired, but I was cold, tired, and just wanted to get home. I'm sure you know that feeling.

I wondered to myself if perhaps Holiday had stopped the discount? I called the store the next day and asked Dave, the manager, if the price discount had stopped? I explained my story to him, and Dave assured me the price discount was not discontinued, and asked me to bring in the receipt and he'd issue me a credit. In fact he asked me three times! I thanked Dave, and assured him a credit was not necessary. I told him his honesty was more than enough thanks.

The next morning I stopped in and asked for the manager. I wanted to thank him in person. I never met Dave before, and Dave didn't know me from the man in the moon. He introduced himself, as did I, and I mentioned I was the dude that had called him the day before about the discount. "Lets get that taken care of right now" he said. "Not necessary Dave, I just wanted to thank you in person for your honesty" I replied.

It's refreshing in this day and age to find that a business like Holiday Station Stores, and a manager like Dave, really believe in customer service...and they practice it  I should nominate them for business of the month!