I have a lot of respect for Chris the owner of Bayfront Blues Festival. Lord knows it's a difficult task putting together an event with one or two bands. Can you imagine hosting an event with 31? He's been doing it for 23 years, and starting next week he'll do it all over again for the 24th Annual Bayfront Blues Festival kicking off Friday August 10th.

I decided to ask Chris some questions as if I were a newcomer to Duluth, and was somewhat interested in attending the event. I asked him how Blues Fest has changed over the years, how many employees it takes to put this event on,  how he picks the a blues artists for the event, and the locale of the people who attend. Here's the interview and Chris's response to my questions. It's my hope you will support one of the Northland's largest events. I  hope to see you at Blues Fest!