I shop frequently at Dollar General not only to save money, but mainly because Dollar General is a huge sponsor of Nascar in all three series, trucks, Nationwide, and Sprint Cup. I try to support all Nascar Sponsors. I can say quite honestly from many visits to Dollar General the employees and managers are tremendous. While I don't know their pay scale, if in fact Dollar General pays it's employees so little that they qualify for assistance, perhaps it might be time for a raise in the minimum wage.

In Dave Jamieson's article in the Huffington Post, Consumer advocate and former presidential candidate Ralph Nader sent a withering letter to the chief executive of Dollar General on Monday, calling the dollar store chain's treatment of employees "shameful" and urging a wage increase for store workers.

In the note to CEO Richard Dreiling, Nader said he calculated that Dreiling earns more in one day than many of his employees do over the course of an entire year, a bit of math that Nader found "shocking." According to a Wall Street Journal analysis, Dreiling's 2012 pay package was $22.5 million. Surveys on sites like GlassDoor.com show an average wage for Dollar General store associates and cashiers of less than $8 per hour.