For those that don't know, I make my home in Wisconsin, and voted on my into the studio this morning. Even though I went early, I was told there turnout was huge, far better than expected.  I came across something I find disturbing though. It seems to me, it's not about the better candidate anymore, it's about who has the most money. You'll note in the graphic below, one candidate outspent the other by ten to one. I often play a little game with myself called "I wish". I played my little game on the drive in this morning. I wished each candidate, in every political race, both local and national, had equal amounts of money to spend...with the amount low enough so that every candidate could start on a fair playing field. Sounds like good sense to me.

As you can see from the graphic, one candidate outspent the other by almost ten to one. Does that mean he's the better candidate?