A South Florida police officer was called to a Publix store after a woman is caught trying to steal $300 in groceries. The Police officer looked up her record, as they do to determine the next step, and saw she had nothing prior.

The mother of 3 admitted she had no money left to feed her children who are 2,6, and 12 years old, and that she did indeed try to steel the food to feed them. What happened next was unbelieveable.  Officer Vicki Thomas asked the woman why she would steal the food, when she heard the story she was heartbroken.  She charged the woman with a misdemeanor and bought her $100 worth of groceries. According to WSVN, The officer said, 'Arresting her wasn't going to solve the problem with her children being hungry."

The problem started when her boyfriend lost his job, and a government paperwork glitch cut off the assistance she was getting. The woman said she is currently going to a local food bank and is desperately looking for work.

Officer Thomas told the woman, when she gets back on her feet to do the same for someone else as re payment.