The new arena football season begins this weekend with KISS having a horse in the race this year. After buying their own Arena football team, they dressed them up with their own look. Paul Stanley, the lead singer, even designed the helmet.

In a tweet released yesterday, Paul Stanley showed the helmet and uniform to be worn by the new Arena football team. The helmet with flames across the facemask, eye guard, and top of the helmet keeps the flaming design going from the top of the jersey. Thanks to the LA KISS and Miller PR I can share these pictures with you.

courtesy of the LA KISS and Miller PR

I noticed with all the flames on it, the design almost looks like a KISS show blew up on your jersey and helmet. All they need is a little blood, and a card slider on the helmet so you can purchase the new jersey from KISS. KISS promises the games to be like a Rock and Roll show experience and said there might be some explosions and fire pots!!

Courtesy of the LA KISS and Miller PR

Play begins this weekend, and some of the teams in the league are: Talons - Predators - Thunder - Gladiators - Barnstormers - Sabercats - Shock - Power - Rattlers - Sharks ... KISS. Notice one of those looks different? Somehow I think that was by design.

Courtesy of the LA KISS and Miller PR

Big things are expected of the team, after a preseason game, the LA KISS played well in  against an AFL opponent, they lead most of the second half. San Jose scored and looked like they could pull off the win but the LA KISS were able to run out the clock to win 48-40.

The Team tells me ticket will be available Saturday and they will sell for $15.

Thank You to the team for the pictures and story, for more on the team Click Here for their website.