L A KISS are off to a good start so far this season. Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of KISS have been doing their job promoting the team. I have to say they've done a great job with the look of the team too. I have talked to people who aren't fans of KISS and love the team or the jerseys.

In their last game Quarterback J.J. Raterink led the LA KISS with four touchdowns, 237 yards and WR Donovan Morgan who also turned in four touchdowns, 169 yards.

The started the season with a win over San Antonio, then lost in a high scoring 68 to 63 loss to Orlando. They won again at their home opener to Portland. LA KISS are back at the Honda Center this Saturday, April 12 to take on the Cleveland Gladiators.

Because it is their first year they are hoping the popularity of the team takes off, this year was a year to establish the team, and maybe along the way win some games. They did an excellent job getting players and putting the word out.