Celebrity-chef Emeril Legasse teased at it.  Science-fiction writers longed for it.  Tech-heads have hoped for it.  But, it appears that "smell-o-vision" may just become a reality.

If French design company Olf-action gets their way, gamers and movie-lovers will soon be able to add another dimension to the already-exciting world of entertainment. Gadget lovers have all heard of the fabled Smell-O-vision, but their SMELLIT gadget truly aims to add the sense of smell in films and gaming.

Olf-action just may have the skills to pull it off.

This isn’t the company’s first try at something like this, as they already make a smell-synchronization system for movie theatres called Odoravision, so there a real chance that their home-cinema gadget might go into production

So how would the technology work?

In essence, it will allow users to experience certain smells in a film, as the two gadgets will release a scent at the right moment. Currently the gadget has only a handful of smells, like African Ambience, Smell of cut grass, Bathroom Odour and Atmosphere of Seaside, but at least it’s a start.

Smell-O-vision might become reality.