Teddy Bridgewater may have a name you think sounds familiar. He is the QB for Louisville. He is one of the top QB in the upcoming NFL draft. When he was in the third grade, he told his Mama he would buy her a pink Escalade. Now that he is on the verge of making it, he followed through on that promise.

After years of her fighting breast cancer and having to support her kids as a single Mom, she never expected nor remembered the promise. Teddy was there fighting with her and helping her, while holding down a 4.0 in school and playing football. He moved on to college and became one of the best in the country.

She was always there for him, and he promised her he would take care of her for all of her hard work and sacrifice. Film Director Spike Lee shows you in this documentary how she raised a good family and how Teddy Bridgewater never forgot he would buy his Mama that pink Escalade.