Minnesota Slip Bridge

All kinds of problems have befallen the Minnesota Slip Bridge (also known as the Pedestrian Blue Bridge) in Canal Park. With crews working on it, it is estimated that the bridge will be out of service and pinned in the upright position at least until Friday morning August 16th, to allow crews to do maintenance repairs and inspect overall bridge operations.

Crews will install new cables as well as a new locking mechanism to prevent the bridge deck from oscillating. This is being done to ensure public safety after the City received recent correspondence from one of the original designers of the bridge stating it is no longer operating as originally designed and could potentially pose a threat to public safety.

Since being built in 1991, the Minnesota Slip Bridge has experienced numerous problems and breakages. Duluth Mayor Don Ness has proposed filling in the slip in order to create more parking and visitors an easier time getting to and from the canal from the DECC.

While it is being fixed, nothing has been voted on for changes, in the meantime it needs to be fixed. The City recognizes the inconvenience these breaks and short-term fixes cause pedestrians and businesses in Canal Park and will work to complete the repairs as quickly as possible.

However, public safety will be the highest priority and the bridge will be out of operation until crews are confident it is safe to use. In the long-term, the City will continue to seek ways to permanently solve this ongoing problem.

What do you think should be done at the waterfront/Canal Park Area?

Any questions, contact Dave Campbell, Bridge Supervisor, at 723-3387 or Daniel Fanning, Community Relations Officer, at 730-5307.