"The only thing constant is change" - or so the old saying goes.  It looks like Buffalo Wild Wings is living that adage, as it prepares to roll out a new logo and restaurant design.

Some of the changes to the logo include a buffalo with bigger wings, narrowed eyes, and upward-turned horns. Gone are the words “Grill and Bar” that appeared below the buffalo in the original logo. Instead, the phrase “Wings, Beer, Sports” appears beneath the company name.

But the changes don't end there.

In addition to updating its logo, Buffalo Wild Wings said that its new restaurants will feature a more sports-centric design, which will be unveiled later this year at locations in Cincinnati and San Diego.

“We looked at every aspect of the guest experience, and we’ve refined the look and feel of our restaurant to create an atmosphere that feels more like being in a stadium,” Kathy Benning - the official in charge of marketing for the company, said.

Buffalo Wild Wings operates 835 locations throughout the U.S. and Canada and has a location in Duluth.


Daily Developments: Buffalo Wild Wings Revamps Logo, Restaurant Design.