According to an article in the stir, Jagger was recently seen with a woman at a hotel in Zurich. L'Wren Scott's sister, Jan Shane, recently slammed Jagger after photos were released showing him with a young, pretty woman just three months after his longtime girlfriend Scott committed suicide.It's been reported in the trades that Jagger and his partner Scott were often at odds, and I'm sure that Jagger's lifestyle had something to do with it. Understanding that Jan Shane is still grieving over her sisters death, her blasting of Jagger might seem appropriate and acceptable.

In Jagger's defense however, I might point out that different people handle grief in different ways. Considering the lifestyle of Mick Jagger over the last fifty plus years, it might seem perfectly acceptable to him, if it wasn't, he would have used more discretion. I think we need to realize that when we loose a partner, life still needs to go on for the one left behind. That may seen cold to some, but it is the reality of life...and death.