If I  asked a person who is in the  twenty to thirty five year old bracket about the Rolling Stones, I'll betcha ninety per cent of them would say some like "Oh yeah, Mick Jagger" or something along those lines. People in that age group really haven't the knowledge of the group, unless they have studied the Stones, or happen to be huge Stones fans. Heck, many of them weren't even born yet, so how could they possibly know?

I've come up with a solution to educate folks in that age bracket about the Rolling Stones by getting these eight albums. After Exile On Main Street, the Stones really haven't done all that well album wise, and most of their sales went pretty much to the dedicated Stones fan like myself. Oh there might be a hit single here and there, Start Me Up and  Honky Tonk Woman for example, but the albums I'm sharing with you were the formulation of one of the greatest rock and roll groups in the world.

You'll hear the Blues in their first couple of albums (They started out as a blues band,) and hear them evolve and mature through each song of each album. Listening to these albums will give you knowledge of who they were then, all the way up to their peak years in the recording industry. In addition, you'll have a great music library of the Rolling Stones, and you can add to your collection if you so desire, now that you have the musical foundation of the Rolling Stones in place. Enjoy.

It's important here to listen to the albums in the correct order as I have them listed.

1. The Rolling Stones (Englands Newest Hitmakers)

2. 12 X 5

3. The Rolling Stones Now

4. Out Of Our Heads

These above first four albums were all super hits, and all released in a 3 1/2 year period.

5. Beggars Banquet

6. Let It Bleed

7. Sticky Fingers

8. Exile On Main Street