Every Friday on Kool 101.7 I talk to the KOOL 101.7 Schwamee to make a couple of picks for the weekend Football games. Then I get his full picks and post them.

Here's the picks for the weekend of 9/25

Schwamee                                        Chris Allen

Vikings                                                Detroit

Green Bay                                              Green Bay

New England                                       New England

Houston                                                New Orleans

Tennessee                                             Tennessee

San Francisco                                        Cincinnati

NY Giants                                             Philidelphia

Cleveland                                              Cleveland

Jacksonville                                          Carolina

San Diego                                               San Diego

Jets                                                              Jets

Baltimore                                                  Baltimore

Arizona                                                    Arizona

Tampa Bay                                                Tampa Bay

Pittsburgh                                                Pittsburgh

Dallas                                                             Dallas

Tune in Monday and Tuesday for a Re-Cap.