KOOL Football Schwamee Says Vikings Win, Aaron Rodgers Rusty
This week Aaron Rodgers comes back to the Green Bay Packers. Can he beat the Carolina Panthers? No, at least according to the KOOL Football Schwamee. He says the Packers can't beat them either. He does say the Vikings "O" line comes back and all is normal, with the Vikings getting a w…
KOOL Schwamee Makes His Pick For The Classic Pro Bowl
I talked to the KOOL Schwamee, whose NFL predictions were at 85%. With the Pro Bowl coming up this Sunday, I asked for a prediction. the NFL is returning to the old NFC/AFC battle. They departed with Hall of Famers picking a team mixed with the best players and battled each other.
Schwamee Sees An Upset In The First Week Of NFL Pre-Season
Talking with the KOOL Schwamee this morning and he sees the Minnesota Vikings doing well this season and talked about the depth of the team and it's going to be hard to make cuts. Even though the Packers will be upset on Friday, they are going to have a good season too. Look for each of them to…

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