At last count, I have seventeen books on the Rolling Stones in my library, and I've loved the Stones since they first arrived on the scene in the early 60's..Still do, as a matter of fact  I'm listening to the recently released (viewer discretion advised)  "Brussels Affair" as I write this.

When Life came out I read the early reviews, which were pretty much "generic" at first, but improved as the books popularity increased.  I purchased the hardcover edition, and  much to my delight,  found Life an "easy" read, a very thorough journey on Keith's rise to stardom starting with his formative years, and continuing to the present. Life is an excellent book not limited to Stones fans, but for all who are interested in a rags to riches story (complete with a few bumps  along the way).

The video is Keith's  acceptance speech after receiving the Norman Mailer Prize from President Clinton.  The Norman Mailer Prize or Mailer Prize is an American  literary award established in 2009 by the Norman Mailer Center and the Norman Mailer Writers Society to celebrate writers and their works. Enjoy!