Jared Allen has been one of the most recognizable Vikings since he came to play here from the Kansas City Chiefs. He has out performed most men in his position and has become a staple in Minnesota Viking public outreach. Is it time to move on?

Jared Allen has watched some of the other staple Vikings move on too. Percy Harvin, Sydney Rice, and most recently Antoine Winfield. Brian Urlacher of the Chicago Bears isn't much older than Jared and he was almost forced to retire because he is considered too old by most teams trying to either get a younger set up or trying to save money.

Allen is in the last year of his contract with Minnesota and the Vikings have not reached out to even talk about keeping him. He says he is not surprised and is not insulted, he says most players and teams have usually had some time of extention or talk about whether there is a future, or the player sits out until something is done. Jared Allen says he is not like that. He says he holds all the cards as far as he is concerned.

Allen is coming back from shoulder and knee surgery this off season and the team is concerned, but Jared says he will show the team he is still the man they gave a five year deal to take them to the Super Bowl.

Should they bring him back? In my opinion he is still the most relevant defensive player in the league not to mention the Vikings. Maybe he doesn't have another 5 in him but I think he's got 2 or 3 for sure.