Class is now in session at Rayman's College Of Rock and Roll Knowledge. On this day in 1967, Tamla-Motown released "I Second That Emotion."  I'll tell you the story behind the song.

Smokey and the boys were doing a series of one nighters. On the way to their next gig, they spotted a diner along the highway, and decided to stop for breakfast.

Their waitress was a friendly sort and really excited to meet Smokey. She took their order, and conversed with them while it was being prepared. She asked Smokey how he was doing and he replied he was tired as a result of his grueling tour night after night.  I second that emotion (meaning motion) the waitress replied, mentioning that she worked a 12 hour shift the day before.

After the boys ate their breakfast and were back on the bus, Smokey brought up her remark, and of course they all got a chuckle out of it. By the time they got to their next gig later that day, Smokey had written the song.