By now we have all seen the pictures and film of Prince William and Dutchess Kate presenting their baby to the world. Later we heard they named him Prince George.  How did they arrive at that name. Here's an inside look, and maybe answer.

The new Pope is named Jorge (George in some languages). I thought that was a determining factor, but the Royal Family is Anglican. So, NO, that isn't how they arrived at that answer.

Jorge Posada, the retired and much decorated New York Yankee catcher? No, he is a Yankee, which is slang and doesn't mean anything good in the British language no matter how you look at it.

Ok, so it can't be that spelling. Then, I thought maybe they are fans of the Possum, George Jones. Nope, they like club music and pop music, their favorite song is "I like the way you move". In fact, they consider Country music an American thing.

Then, I started thinking they got it from some famous men named George. George Lucas, nah, they aren't Star Wars fans. George Hamilton, too tan. George Benson, nah wrong music. Maybe, GEORGE CLOONEY......who doesn't like George Clooney?

E!Online has it solved. George has history, Prince Charles has said his favorite King is George III, and the Royals are Seinfeld fans. GEORGE Costanza Jason ALEXANDER Julia LOUIS-Dreyfuss. The baby's name is George Alexander Louis.

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