Grocery shopping is tough for me. It's pretty much okay if I have ample time, but really, who has that? It seems whenever I need to make a quick stop, there are always people ahead of me who seem to have all the time in the world. I've only listed a few that I think are the absolute worst.

1. The person who uses a million coupons. It takes forever for her to put them in order, and it takes the poor cashier more time to give her credit. I always wonder how this person has time to go select, then cut out the coupons in the first place.

2. Then there is the person who gets halfway through their order, and realizes they forgot something. Back they go to try and find the item, and I'd bet they compare several of the items to determine which has the fewest calories, and the best price. The only salvation if your stuck behind this person is to hope they don't use coupons.

3. This type really tees me off. You notice a person in an agitated state, who cuts in front of everyone in the line, and asks if I'd mind if she went ahead of me (as she dumps all her items on the conveyor belt.) Why ask me? Ask the nine other people you just cut in front of.

There are my picks for the worst people you run into at the checkout line. For a complete list, check out the article in the Huffington Post.