I am fortunate to have the permission, along with the professionals, to investigate the William A. Irvin. Claims have been made that the captain is still aboard, former workers taunt current ones. I am getting to the bottom of it.

I am doing the investigation with the Duluth Paranormal Investigators. Along with their equipment, we will stay the night and try to find something we can show you on the Friday edition of the morning show.

I will have a couple of the people on the show to talk about the equipment and IF we get anything, play it for you and talk about where we found it.

Anyone that listens to me knows, I love the paranormal and now will be able to be a part of the investigation first hand. I have done some things on my own, but never got to work with people who have the proper equipment to investigate. We will have a ghost box, which scans white noise and allows spirits to speak through the noise. Some magnetic scensors, along with a large array of cameras and recorders.

Tune in!!