The death of Robin Gibb brings sadness to many music fans I'm sure. When I heard the news, I let my mind drift back to the summer of love (1967) , when the Bee Gees had their first hit "New York Mining Disaster 1941." The lyrics in the song have special meaning to me . Workers  trapped in a mine,  talking amongst themselves about their loved ones.

Again I let my mind drift back to the days when I was in Kentucky and Tennessee. Shacks stood along the roads where miners lived. Wooden shacks, no indoor plumbing, pieces of cloth hung in the windows, homemade or hand me down furniture. Wives or mothers glaring at me with despair and fear as I talked to them, their husbands and sons working the mines as did their parents and grandparents.

I would suppose, we all have songs that mean something to us, bring us back to another time in our life. I've always said, every song has a memory for someone...even me.