Elizabeth Chan was on FAILURE CLUB, a show about New Yorkers who were trying to live their dream. Liz's dream was to write a famous Christmas Song. I watched the show and saw her struggle and also liked her music and then was lucky enough to feature it. Now, she is continuing her struggle and dream. Here's my follow up, for those of you that wondered, what happened to?

A lot has changed for Liz, she has become a record producer. I told her she is an executive producer really, she is in charge of the making and spending too. She says, " I love my new life because I am constantly pushing the boundaries of what I believe I cannot do – and always find there is a way to learn why I can’t – or how I can. I have also been extraordinarily lucky to have had people help guide me and mentors who have helped me to stay the course. Answering rather basic questions about what I don’t know. To those people, you know who you are – and I am forever grateful."

liz chan

Liz has been traveling to learn more and just got back from Los Angeles and will be hooking up with someone famous to do some work with her on a song. (I'm not giving it up here, you have to listen to the interview!!)

Liz learned from the show FAILURE CLUB, she says, "If I let the fear of failure guide me, I would have for sure have never seen the following things happen in the past year. It is very easy to avoid pain, it’s easy to avoid hardship, it’s easy to avoid risk. It’s hard to see what will happen if you confront these things and push through to what is these things defenses are hiding on the other side."

She says it's scary quitting her job and doing something that isn't guaranteed, but her health would have continued to deteriorate from stress. She would have always wondered and bemoaned writing Christmas music to my friends for another 10 years. You would have only associated me with my job versus my passion and life goal. I might have been divorced by now. Crushed by my reality.

Liz says her life coach, with whom she celebrates  a year together in exactly one month – has taught her two critical things.

1. All the tools you need in life, you have in yourself.

2. It’s important to live everyday in alignment.

She says, "Last week, I sent some emails – individually to people I consider my friends. I received only a handful of responses. It hurt me because in these emails I spoke to each person candidly – asking for their support as I round into the 2nd year of my journey. I’ve reached a point where if I didn’t ask for help, I could risk not releasing music this year. I am surprised by many of those who never even responded. Despite opening up about something I needed help with, help which is very hard to ask for – many did not respond. I believed that in this group of people, I would for sure start a dialogue and hear back. Except for a handful of people - I was mistaken."

Liz talks about the new project and even begs a little....he he....for your help. This is a serious project and she wants it to sound that way, if you would like to help follow the links. Remember, if she doesn't hit her goal, she gets nothing. Besides, she has promised us the debut!!!

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Here is her hit single from Last Christmas