I have been watching a webcast called "Failure Club". It's about New Yorkers who set a goal and have to achieve it in a year. One of those people on the show was Elizabeth Chan. Her goal was to write a World Famous Christmas Song.

So, I watched the show as it showed all the steps she had to take in order to achieve this dream. When it got to the part where she had it recorded and a video for the song, I liked it, and called her.

We talked on the phone for about a hour about things we had in common and some of the things she has learned along the way to get to this point of her dream. I thought it was a great story so I asked if I could play the song and if we could talk about her journey.

Join me on Friday, 6am to 10 am, Liz will be my guest as we talk about her past, her dreams and her future and play some of her music. She also has a great way to help with victims of Hurricane Sandy.