As a life-long audiophile that got his start when music was still serviced on vinyl records, I have often lamented that the digital age has done away with the album as a work of art.  I'm not talking about the cover art (don't get me started on the inferior packaging that CD's come in) - I'm talking about the set of songs that are put together to equal an album.

It used to be that people would play an entire album from the beginning to the end.  Now - with mp3 downloads, most people younger than a certain age have never listened to an entire album from start to finish.

I noticed an interesting article in Billboard the other day that addressed the importance of song sequencing on album releases in the digital age.  You might have never thought that song sequencing would still hold an important role in artist development - but you would be mistaken.

It turns out that the order that songs exist on an album - even if they never get played in sequence as an album - can have an important role in song popularity.