Philip Kives Dead At 87; Founded Minnesota-Based K-Tel Records
Mention K-Tel Records to someone of a certain age and they instantly conjure up images of late-night television commercials hawking record albums (or 8-tracks and cassettes) that compiled hits by multiple artists all on one collection for a super low price.  And while any record collector worth his …
Do People Listen To Complete Albums Anymore?
As a life-long audiophile that got his start when music was still serviced on vinyl records, I have often lamented that the digital age has done away with the album as a work of art.  I'm not talking about the cover art (don't get me started on the inferior packaging that CD's co…
Joel Whitburn Continues To Pursue His Passion
As a life-long record collector, the name Joel Whitburn has always had a place in my mind, heart, and bookshelf.  Since 1965, Whitburn has published his Record Research books - which are considered the "bible"  in the industry, which list chart facts, figures, and data ab…
Music Industry Predictions For 2012
If you're a music fan, you might take a passing-interest in what goes on in the industry.   And, as we approach the end of the year, experts (self-appointed or otherwise) are making their predictions for what we can expect in 2012.
I came across this post with predictions for the music…
The End Is Near For CD’s?
Can I just say that as a life-long music fan and collector, I HATE this news?
Just like the music industry did in the late 1980's when they conspired to prematurely pound the nail in the coffin for the vinyl format, it appears that they are about to do the same for CD's...
Seven High-Tech Items You Don’t Need Anymore
So the editors at MSN Money came up with a list of seven tech items that the average person doesn't need anymore.  Problem is - I still use every single one of these.
How about you?
The short list:
1   Television
2  Telephone Land Line
3  DVD Player
4  Physical Music Collection and Dedicated Player
5  Cabl…
Cut-outs.  Bargains discs.  The Return Bin.  If you're of the age that remembers buying music on vinyl records - you probably remember the ever-popular cut-out bins that were found in records stores.