Something about the food world leaves it ripe for the influx of trends.  It seems like there's always the "next best thing" being rolled out for diners to try.  The recent popularity of bacon, free-range, organic, and cultural-foods demonstrate the need for restauranteurs to entice their customers with something different or exotic.

That's why it shouldn't come a s surprise that a new means of cooking that's starting to make its way through the five-star restaurants involves cooking with conifers.  Yes, conifers - or as you might know them better, spruce or pine trees.

As "foodie", I have to admit that I haven't yet cooked with conifers - and I don't know if I would.  But I have used fresh Rosemary on the grill and I have used the wood from various trees in my smoker;  Cooking with conifers I guess isn't that far removed from those practices.

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