Ever get the feeling you're being told one thing while they're doing another?

After the debt crisis compromise was hammered out last week, the Obama administration took his team out for a round of hamburgers and cheeseburgers to celebrate.

The White House said the outing, at which the president consumed a meal of about 1,700 calories, was a reward for the debt team's "nonstop" work over the last few

months as they worked out a deal with Capitol Hill to extend the government's borrowing limit.

This isn't the first time he's been in the news for eating high-caloric meals, either.

He famously treated Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to a burger at Ray's Hell Burger, which is across the Potomac in Arlington. And he's also frequented Five Guys, an institution in the Washington area that has now spread its franchises across the country.

In contrast, the administrations "Let's Move" campaign - with First Lady Michelle Obama as the spokesperson - is asking American's to adopt healthy eating habits and is campaigning restaurants to stop offering options like french fries.

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