Demolition of the old KDLH buiding will start tomorrow to make way for the new Maurices Building and new parking ramp. That means traffic will look different and so will the pedestrian areas. Here's the plan as it stands so far.

Barricades will start going up along the contruction site between the 400 and 500 block of west Superior Street. The side walk will be closed and the bus stops will be taken down. there will be stop signs posted at 5th ave west instead of traffic lights. Two way traffic will be permitted with heavy construction vehicles making stops in traffice from time to time.

Demolition of the  KLDH building will start tomorrow, and the Palladio building's demolition will follow in early June.

According to our media partners Northland's News Center, Officials say plans are in place to minimize noise pollution, debris, and vibration in the area. The new Maurices headquarters will be approximately 200,000 square feet, and stand 11 stories tall and will be occupied in the Spring of 2016..