Being a huge Nascar racing fan, I felt I would be committing a mortal sin if I didn't watch the first race in Nascar, the Sprint Unlimited. Although, there are no points in the race, and it does not figure in the  thirty six official races of the season, it is an annual event. The race prepares the teams and drivers and chance to "knock the rust off" before the start of the season at Daytona.

All things considered, it was a decent race, one big crash that took out half the field, and lots of bumpin and bangin as well. The high lite of the race came as a total surprise to fans and viewers alike as the pace car caught on fire. I have searched my record books, and cannot find that ever happening in Nascar before. I've seen a pace car run out of gas, or stop on the track due to a malfunction, but never catch fire.

As I watched the firefighters put out the fire on the pace car. I realized once again why I love Nascar. You never know what's going to happen next.