Over the weekend, I wanted to watch a rock video, and decided to try Amazon Instant Video. I chose  Cheap Trick Live in Budokan. I've heard it was the best show, so I thought I'd be in for some great entertainment.

As the video started, I thought something was wrong, as the theater seemed small, and I thought the crowd would be huge. I also thought it would be outside as well, but it wasn't.

The video quality was fine, the sound was just okay, but the band seemed to be having a bad day, in other words, I felt it was a bad performance. Certainly this couldn't be the same show my buddies were raving about. I literally had to force myself to watch the video, it was that bad.

After I got through ninety minutes of agonizing pain, the credits came on, and I noticed the show was shot in Los Angeles, not Budokan as originally advertised. Just a heads up, read the descriptions carefully before you download. Mistakes do happen.