Take A Virtual Tour Of Duluth
I have noticed some of the Big cities have virtual tours of some of their touristy things. You can tour buildings or historic sites. With all the natural beauty and the variety of places to go, I always thought every city ought to have a virtual tour.
Yet Another Scam Hits Wisconsin Residents
It just goes on and on doesn't it? According to a posting in, state consumer officials are warning residents about a new phone scam, this time using the BadgerCare Plus health care program.
Support Zero in Wisconsin and Download the New Drive Sober App
Drunk driving causes needless deaths all over the U.S., and now, Wisconsin is trying to do something about it. According to the Wisconsin Depart of Transportation, more than 500 people died on Wisconsin roads last year. Some deaths were caused by speeding while others were a result of drunk driving,…
Some People Just Don’t React To Music
When I first read the headline in The Verge, I thought it might be a joke. But, it's not. For someone like myself, it was hard to believe that there are people that actually have no response to any type of music, be it Symphony, Blues, Country, Pop, R&R or even Gospel.

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